Untitled (development in idyll), 2019-2020, plywood, old metal beds, approx. 340 x 760 x 260 cm. PhD work at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. Images from the PhD show in the Trafo Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland, 2020. Fot. Kamil Macioł.
In the period of constant development, new technologies, omnipresent artificial intelligence and efforts to achieve vertex of fulfillment, tranquility and satisfaction; what we strive to achieve and what appears to be the goal of contemporarysociety, is in fact quintessence of artificiality.
Old metal beds taken from a second-hand store,reworked in the artist´s studio, in a combination with the rocks made from plywood. In this fractal, idyllic game, some things lost their original usefulnesses and received new ones.

Untitled, 2019-2020, metal, wood, plywood, plastic, resin, foil, paint. Variable size, approx. 125 x 210 x 210cm. An image from the exhibition „Schwarz und Rot und Gold“ at the Kunstverein Ebersberg, Germany, 2020.
A striking interplay between nature and the artificial.

Untitled, 2020, metal, 68 x 4,5 x 13 cm.

Untitled (Step by Step to The Dailiness Alley), 2019, ceramic, wood, approx. 160 x 180 x 80 cm. An image from the exhibition Step by Step to The Dailiness Alley at the periscope:project:space, Salzburg, Austria, 2019.

The outdoors came into the indoor area. Hand-made asphalt-like tiles on the OSB. Light. Railing.

Untitled I (stability - softness), 2018, wood, foam material, textile, approx. 250x50x160 cm, Tilburg, NL. Fot.Marijn Dekker.Reality as a combination
of different interrelated components, some of them
being “harder” or “softer” in terms of their meaning. This
is expressed in the artwork through the use of the different materials – wood,
foam and cloth fabric, moreover a combination
of different forms, shapes, levels and planes – in the
Realized during research residency at the SEA
Foundation Tilburg, NL, 2018. Supported by the SEA Foundation Tilburg, NL and Mondriaan Fund. Photo from the exh. „The Tales That Follow“ at the Project Space Tilburg.