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Spiraling polyhedron This publication provides an overview of Iwona Rozbiewska´s work up to and including 2020. It contains sketches, visualizations, a documentation of the work process, excerpts from artistic research, and some impressions from the exhibitions, all complemented by theoretical details and texts. It includes a preface by Jan Doms - internationally known Dutch artist, text by Birgit Gebhard - German curator and writer, as well as text by Marijn Dekker - Dutch scholar in the arts and cultural studies. Bilingual publication: English and Polish, 16,5x23x1,1cm, 136 pages, ISBN 978-83-960786-0-5, 300 copies. Photos Milosz Kawaler.

Available at the:
Walther König’s bookstore at the Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany.

Sztuka Wyboru´s bookstore in Gdansk, Poland.

Bec Zmiana Shop.

or please contact directly: