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Untitled (marble, spiral), 2018, marble, metal, approx. 500x40x300cm,
Giampilieri in Sicily, Italy. Fot. Ahmed Helmy.

Marble tiles recovered in Giampilieri, Sicily a few years after a huge flood in 2009. Many houses are left empty and without any life. The two houses depicted here are completely closed. Bricks fill windows and doors, covering all entrances to houses. The marble tiles which I used in the installation are very popular and a useful material in Sicilian interiors. I used some of tiles between two empty houses; creating a piece of interior next to the closed houses.
Metal spiral made from a wire mesh.
A spiral form connecting with the marble pieces, I show a symbol of infinity and progress in the created interior. This fills out the emptiness which is left after such a big disaster. The colour of marble tiles is almost the same as the colour of painted walls of the closed houses. It delights the onlooker. Using similar colour of metal spiral I united these three elements in one piece.

Project supported by Adam
Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.