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Untitled III. Metal, 2018, 120x100x60cm, Tilburg, Netherlands. Fot. SEA Foundation Tilburg.

Based on a metal railing from a staircase, which I have abstracted and altered in order to investigate the shift in meaning resulting from change in its material properties. During this process of experimentation with its properties, the stairs were first replaced by a flat angled surface, after which its spatial context was removed completely. After that the majority of the vertical railings were removed, the object
became an abstracted connection between two locations. Finally, the flat surface and railings were removed completely, leaving only an abstracted metal shape. A transition:
a movement from one location to another, yet also a transition from a user’s object into an abstracted form of open meaning.

Project realized during research residency at the SEA Foundation Tilburg, Netherlands, 2018.
Project supported by the SEA Foundation Tilburg, Netherlands and Mondriaan Fund. Photo from the exh. „The Tales That Follow“ at the Project Space Tilburg.