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The Islands, 2010, 3D visualisation and the outdoor sculpture. A visionary concept for the viaduct to the Vistula River, Warsaw, Poland.Sculpture - wood, metal, approx. 300x250x450 cm.
„The Islands“ - A sculpture and a visionary concept for the viaduct to the Vistula Rive. The project is inspired by the shape of the plants along the Vistula River and the relationships between them, as well as by the urban layout of the New Town in Warsaw.
The conceptual sculpture is based on a vision of how to develop the land along the river and is a miniature of the architectural design concept of
the connection between the I Dywizji Pancernej Square and the riverside. The idea of creating a modern viaduct occured to the artist during numerous walks amidst green pathways of the square, and due to her dissatisfaction with the lack of its access to the river. Referring to the ancient civilizations and many modern cities that have been found most often along rivers indicates how crucial an easy access to the bank of Vistula can be. The project visualizes how to return to the roots of the city and bring life around to the river.

The presentation of the project Islands during Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 8, 2011 at Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw.

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